Massivit 3D teams up to make a dream come true.

julio 26, 2018 2D Impresión 3D Impresión Massivit

Vedant’s Magic Wheelchair – Massivit

Massivit 3D teamed up with Magic Wheelchair ‒ a non-profit organization dedicated to building costumes for children in wheelchairs ‒ to provide 13-year old, Vedant Singhania, with his dream giant 3D printed Star Wars X-Wing fighter, integrated into his wheelchair. Vedant paraded the streets of San Diego in his X-Wing, causing a jaw-dropping effect on thousands of onlookers who had come to attend Comic Con International. Joining some of LA’s top scenic fabrication and design companies, Massivit 3D partnered with Pixologic ‒ owners of design software Z-brush ‒ who designed the X-Wing, Dangling Carrot Creative ‒ a Massivit 3D customer ‒ who 3D printed the 50 parts, Monster City Studios ‒ who finished and assembled the costume. Watch Vedant parading the streets in his 3D printed Star Wars ship and hear him express his excitement at becoming a celebrity.